Monday, September 15, 2014

September's Menu #3... no fall in sight

It is still hot as blazes here.  While the rest of the country talks about cold fronts, we'd be glad for it to drop into the 70s!!!

Here's what we're eating:
Sunday~ HoneyBaked Ham, twice-baked sweet potatoes, sautéed Swiss chard from the garden (one of the few things still growing)
Monday~ Spaghetti
Tuesday~ Taco 'bowls': rice, black beans, seasoned beef, lettuce, tomato, avocado. Yum!
Wednesday~ Homemade rotisserie style chicken breasts, roasted sweet potatoes, green beans (from the freezer)
Thursday~ Sliced roast beef, roasted sweet potatoes or brown rice, tossed salad
Friday~ Must-goes of whatever leftovers we have from the week.
Saturday~ Family birthday celebration.  I'll be taking a family recipe - Cheese & Cracker Salad, and homemade peach ice cream.

Monday, September 8, 2014

September Menu #2... is it fall yet??

Temps have been so hot here -
I went outside this weekend, and no kidding - I got so hot that I couldn't see.

Anyway, we followed last week's menu relatively well - hubs asked for breakfast for dinner on Friday, and Saturday I made eggplant parm to use some of the eggplant coming in.

Sunday~ Burgers & dogs, homemade baked beans
Monday~ Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and homemade gravy
Tuesday~ Sloppy Joes.  Carryover from last week.
Wednesday~ Hubs goes bowling.  Ds & I will fend for ourselves.
Thursday~ Tacos, Mexican rice, refried beans.
Friday~ Nachos with taco night leftovers.
Saturday~ TBA.  Maybe some chicken on the grill.

Monday, September 1, 2014

And now it is September... menu!

We did eat last week - I did plan a menu - I just never got around to posting it.  I have no excuse since today is Labor Day and I'm off all day. :)

Last week:
I felt terribly unmotivated to do any cooking or planning.  We managed.
Sunday~ I made Pioneer Woman's chili.  In a feat of leftover wizardry, I used some leftover taco meat and morphed it into said chili.  My guys were happy.
Monday~ Breakfast for dinner: pancakes + bacon = happiness.
Tuesday~ Spaghetti.  How we love thee.
Wednesday~ Hubs went bowling with friends so I made a run for the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A for ds#3 and me.
Thursday~ Pizza from the freezer.
Friday~ Out to eat at our fave Mexican spot.
Saturday~ Bourbon chicken (no bourbon included), rice, green beans

And this week??
Sunday~ Fried chicken (from Publix - no I did not make it), coleslaw (I made that) and homemade mac'n'cheese.
Monday~ Out for lunch for my birthday.  Dinner was Greek chicken & potatoes with some sausage links thrown in for hubby, along with green beans.
Tuesday~ Leftover spaghetti, perhaps with some eggplant if I feel like making it.
Wednesday~ my real birthday.  Hubs insists he's going bowling, but he's not very good at lying.  He'd definitely lose at poker.  I think we'll go out to eat.  But even if he *does* bowl, we'll have plenty of food to pick from.
Thursday~ family dinner with a friend
Friday~ Sloppy joes & chips.  Easy, simple end to the week.
Saturday~ Hoping Hubs will consent to grill (he was supposed to do it this weekend but didn't feel well).

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Here they come! Menu for the first week of classes

Although we have been up at school this summer taking care of various tasks, school is officially back in session, with students returning on Monday.  

Hold on - it's sure to be an interesting ride!!

Here's the menu plan:
Sunday~ Tacos and layered bean dip.  Easy and casual for the night before school.
Monday~ Open-faced roast beef sandwiches and gravy.  I made homemade bread on Saturday, and we'll use that for the base.  Roast that I cooked last week will make up the 'filling'.  And I made stock from the bones, so I'll dress that up for gravy.  Homey and comforting - just right for the first day with kids.
Tuesday~ Indoor burgers.  Instead of grilling them outside, I'll pull out the grill pan and take care of business inside.
Wednesday~ Spaghetti.  My family's favorite comfort food.
Thursday~ Bourbon chicken, tossed salad, rice, green beans.  (The chicken has no actual bourbon in it!)  I made rice on Saturday, so we'll polish it off tonight.
Friday~ Breakfast, or Italian Sloppy Joes if we have spaghetti sauce left over.
Saturday~ TBD.  I *do* know we'll enjoy some rest.

What's on your menu?  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back-to-school menu plan

Hubs & I are back at work this week...although we've been up at school doing various tasks, we are now officially required to show up every day. :)

Last week, I really resisted making a menu plan because I was truly savoring the last vestiges of summer.  This week, I've gotta get back at it if I want to be focused at work and feed my family when I get home!

Here's our plan:
Sunday~ Leftovers for lunch: pizza, alfredo, nachos
               Dinner: Veggie plate - eggplant, fried okra, green tomatoes (all from the garden)
Monday~ Spaghetti, and I will prob add some eggplant (because we have it!)
Tuesday~ Late meeting for Mom, Orthodontist for ds.  Fend For Yourself.
Wednesday~ Breakfast for dinner: grits, eggs, bacon, maybe biscuits.
Thursday~ Roast in the crock pot with red potatoes and green beans
Friday~ Open-faced roast beef sandwiches
Saturday~ Burgers on the grill

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A menu for August

I was out of town most of last week, so my guys sort of fended for themselves (with the exception of the night my mom made lasagna for them!) and I ate out when I wasn't with my brother & his family.

I'm looking forward to cooking at home this week!

I am behind the curve getting a plan together, and honestly, since it's the last week of summer vacation for me, I'm a little resistant to being very regimented!  So I'm posting what we're eating as we eat.

Sunday~ I arrived 3 hours late, so we stopped and got sub sandwiches on the way home from the airport.

Monday~ hubby's burgers on the grill.  Delish!  We also have an abundance of okra in our garden, so I made fried okra to go with.

Tuesday~ Eggplant Parmesan.  AND my son told me I should make it more often! How's that for a successful dinner??

Wednesday~ Tacos, homemade refried beans, and tortilla chips.  I made a Lemon Icebox Pie for a nice light dessert and it was a hit. (Instead of a graham cracker crust, I had some flax cookies that I pulverized in the food processor and made the crust with those.  No one was the wiser.)

Thursday~ Leftovers night.  Ds#3 had leftover spaghetti (from the eggplant parm) and sauce. Hubs had leftover penne pasta with sautéed cherry tomatoes & fresh basil (both from our garden) along with mozzarella.  I had a slice of the veggie tart I made after Tuesday's eggplant parm.  I also made cheese bread with half a baguette that was left from earlier in the week.  Everyone was happy, and we used up some leftovers.  Woo hoo!
Friday~ Mom is going to a Jamberry party, so the guys are on their own.
Saturday~ Ds had a friend spend the night, so we ordered pizza.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A menu for July and continuing the Pantry Challenge

I decided to do a Pantry Challenge this month.  You can see what we're eating each day right here.
I actually have done more shopping than I would like, but I didn't announce the challenge to my guys, so I'm trying to limit my spending without making them crazy.  Last week, we did pretty well - I would say the hit of the week was Thursday, when I used leftover rice, taco meat, lettuce, and cheese and turned it into Mexi Rice Bowls!  I cooked some black beans in my pressure cooker and everyone layered their bowls as they liked, and topped with salsa or sour cream, or both.  Yum!  I've been wanting to try that, and now that I know it's a hit, you can bet we'll do it again.

So here's the plan for our week:
Sunday~ Chicken pesto pasta.  Hubs grilled burgers on Friday, so we threw some chicken breasts on the grill too.  They'll be perfect for this dish! 
Edited to add: he decided we should go out for lunch after church, and we ate so much that no dinner was necessary.  This meal will be moved to Tuesday!
Monday~ Eggplant Parmesan with spaghetti.  This beauty will be the base for our dinner!
Tuesday~ Must-goes: anything in the fridge that must go.  We've got a variety - egg noodles w/beef & gravy, assorted pastas... help yourself.
Wednesday~ I want to do BLTs, but none of the tomatoes in our garden are ready just yet - they are still green (except for the cherries).  If I don't find a pretty tomato, I think I'll do a roasted veggie tart with zucchini slices, eggplant slices, sliced mushrooms, diced tomatoes on top, and a sprinkling of feta.  Sort of like this one, just tailored to the veggies we have on hand.
Thursday~ By this time, my beloved husband will be craving BEEF.  He is a meat-a-tarian, to be sure.  I think we'll try Lawnmower Tacos - we've got some Doritos languishing in the cabinet.
Friday~ TBA...I'll figure out something!  It'll either be breakfast or clean-out-the-fridge for the cookout tomorrow.
Saturday~ Family's coming over for a cookout!  We'll do shrimp, chicken, and sausage on the grill, and I'll make corn on the cob and baked beans.  We have everything except the shrimp and sausage, which we'll get on Saturday morning.  Mom will make her famous potato salad, and sis will bring cole slaw.  I'll be making Fish Mama's chocolate zucchini cake (which I'll slather with chocolate frosting) to celebrate my grandpa's 86th birthday.

Lunches will be sandwiches on the newly successful Cuban bread, or quesadillas, or leftovers.

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